Eurotech offers handling and transport solutions in the field of vacuum technology. The company develops customer-specific vacuum systems and components for automated handling tasks. Thanks to the Eurotech modular construction system, the components can be flexibly adjusted to meet individual customer requirements and spare parts can be installed in a quick and cost-saving manner.

They include the complete range of vacuum tech­­no­­lo­­gy from suction plates on flat and bellow suctions cups to accessories.

Product catalog (DE/EN)

 2_1_Saugplatten_eT Suction plates
 2_2_Flachsauger_eT Flat suction cups
 2_3_Faltenbalgsauger_eT Bellow suction cups
 2_4_Vakuumerzeuger_eT Vacuum generators
 2_5_Saugkaesten_eT_ Suction boxes eT-Gripper
 2_6_Zubehoer_eT Accessories